Software Architecture

Deploying a website hosted on a Synology server

Usually, people use a GNU/Linux distro to host their website, for stability/robustness reason. Synology DSM is just another GNU/Linux distro with its own kind of shiny desktop. Most new websites are hosted on the Cloud in a VM or a container. But I wanted to do it the old-school way, with my own Synology server.  … Read more

A new year with a wealth of new technologies

The year 2015 was rich with many new technologies that are going to modify deeply, once again, the architecture of web applications.   HTTP/2 The new version of the HTTP protocol fixes most issues of HTTP/1.1, in particular in terms of efficiency. This new protocol will modify dramatically the middleware of our applications. Indeed, web sockets  … Read more

Software Architecture icons

Designing software architectures boils down to drawing boxes and arrows. Of course, it requires thought, experience and a decent knowledge of design patterns. But the actual result of the thought process is a scheme made of boxes and arrows. Design patterns are elements of reusable software to solve common problems. UML provides elements of reusable symbols representing design  … Read more

Distributed Software Architecture

I come from the desktop application development world. In this world, software application tends to be rather monolithic. In this world, embracing the MVC principles and the GoF Design Patterns, plus some others – COM interface/implementation or spec/result to name a few – enables to get a decent architecture. When you switch to Cloud Computing  … Read more